We are grateful for the Opportunities we are given.  We at Smoke Monkey BBQ are very passionate at serving Amazing Food.  With out great Food there is no point in opening.  We strive to create an experience that is worth telling others, and we truly love our customers.  Our customers give us the abilities to enjoy our time together as a family, and family is worth all the effort we put forward to create great experiences.

Our menu is broad and vast but its prepared on an individual bases by artist who specialize specifically in that type of food only.  Example: Our Mexican Buffet is prepped by Yetui and Mindy only.  They are passionate about amazing experiences from Scratch.  Our Sweet Hot Texas Chicken is prepared and managed by Tim.  He is very passionate and meticulous about creating the best product possible.  We even bake our bread fresh everyday!!!  WHO DOES THAT!!!

 A little Bit about us


Tuesday - Sunday

11am-Sold Out

11139 S. Hwy 205 

Rockwall, Tx 75032

Call us 972-563-3722

WELCOME TO Smoke Monkey